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Wealth Investment Network

We guide Professional Athletes in navigating the complexities of their wealth so that they can remain focused on their careers, passions, and loved ones.

Combining professional expertise with unique financial opportunities, financial structures, investments, asset allocation, and advisory services, the WIN platform engages valuable market insights and builds wealth for an athlete’s life plan.

78% NFL players filed for bankruptcy or were in financial distress within 2 years of retirement from football.

60% NBA players are reported to be broke within 5 years of retirement and asked to pay income tax in every competing state.

70-90% Of the lifetime earnings will be likely earned by the athletes before age 35 and MLB players file bankruptcy more than 4 times the national average.

The Process

The WIN program differs vastly from mainstream, institutional-based investment programs because it uses Renaissance’s proprietary model to create investments for the individual athlete taking into account his/her areas of interest in conjunction with geo-specific market trends.

These opportunities are then researched and analyzed by our experts who perform due diligence and assess risk/return financial structures.

Strategies & Services

Strategies & Services